Darrphillm Takes Great Pride In Our Accident-Free Safety Record

Darrphillm’s safety plan ensures that all employees are in compliance with all safety rules and regulations as specified by our clients. Training sessions and periodic safety meetings are held stressing the most up-to-date procedures. Darrphillm boasts a record of no recordable incidents in 2013 alone; we worked a total of 263,039man-hours – safely.

Darrphillm and its employees will execute all its activities in such a  manner that will:

  • Give the highest priority to the Health, Safety and Security of all Employees and Members of the Public.
  • Continually asses Environment Impact of its activities and reduce it to a level as low as possible
  • HSE meeting must be held at least once every month.
  • Tool box meetings must be held every morning before commencement of work.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of the community
  • Weekly safety site audits are to be carried out by all site agents using appropriate inspection check list or forms as supplied by the HSE coordinator and should submit same to him.

With a zero fatality rate since our inception, Darrphillm’s statistics demonstrate the success of our programs:

  • EMR (Experience Modification Rate) below 1.0 for past two years 
  • OSHA RCIR (Recordable Case Incident Rate) each year since 2012 = 0
  • OSHA LWCR (Lost-Workday Case Rate) each year since 2012 = 0

Our focus on safety helps protect our employees while saving you money.